Our Experience
Our experience with three-dimensional ECAD goes back until 1990. At that time MECADTRON founder Dr. Thomas Krebs began the development of a CAD system for the design of three-dimensional molded printed circuit boards (MIDs, Molded Interconnect Device). The scientific R&D project at the chair for Manufacturing Automation and Production Systems of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Feldmann was embedded into the project of the R&D Association "Spatial Electronic Assemblies 3-D MID". This close relationship always guarateed immediate industrial applicability.
Since 1996 Dr. Thomas Krebs worked with several international companies dealing with CAD and PCB software, always keeping in mind to proceed the development which started at the university. This industrial experience was later on used for the tight integration of the MECADTRON software into the commonly used ECAD nd MCAD systems.
Meanwhile the MECADTRON GmbH employs several experts for CAD/CAM and PCB software which have long-term experiance in electronical CAD, mechanical CAD, software development, marketing and management.

From Science to Products
Results from scientific R&D projects are implemented into productive solutions by sophisticated experts