Nextra Synergy through Integration
NEXTRA® combines the essential functionality of the two-dimensional printed circuit board design and the three-dimensional mechanical CAD systems. The combination of these two design concepts facilitates the implementation of innovative functions for electromechanical product design.
Board Design

Printed Circuit Board Design

  • fully detailed, three-dimensional generation of the printed circuit board according to the selected technology and board stackup
  • supports single layer, multilayer, flexible boards and MID (Molded Interconnect Device) carriers with all their electromecanical characteristics

Foundation Stone
The base of each electronic product is the circuitry carrier.

Nextra Component Placement

Back and Forth

Optimum component placement is a prerequisite for efficient routing.
  • interactive placement and rotation of components (Drag & Drop)
  • interactive movement and swapping
  • placement and all similar functions obey the true shape of the printed circuit board
Nextra Routing

Beaten Track

Engineering or art? A little bit of both!

  • interactive routing on single layer, multilayer boards and MIDs
  • dynamic rats nest for unrouted shortest paths
  • transfer and load back from autorouter

Standard Mechanical CAD Features


  • Entity representation as solid bodies
  • Net and component definition by externally defined net lists


  • Graphical representation as wireframe oder shaded solids
  • dynamically controllable camera with additionally controllable visibility
  • unlimited number of defineable views

Boolean Operations:

  • Addition, subtraction, intersection

Electromechanical Digital Mock-Up:

  • Assembly of the printed circuit board within the mechanical environment

Plain Fare I
Everything the electronic designer always wanted to have but were afraid to ask.

Standard Electronic CAD Features

Design Rule Checks:

  • DRCs according to the actual three-dimensional shape
  • Conventional clearance checks
  • Collision detection against any design elements

Analyze, Reports:

  • Model investigation in respect of its electrical and mechanical characteristics

Manufacturing Data Generation:

  • Generation of outputs for any pcb production step
  • Gerber, photo plots, mechanical manufacturing, injection molding

Plain Fare II
Everything the mechanic designer always wanted to have but were afraid to ask.