Research Projects
MECADTRON is advancing the approach of an integrated electro-mechanical 3D ECAD system against the background of concrete problems within multidisciplinary research projects.

BMBF-Research Project VerSIPlektor
Object of this research project - assigned by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research - is the development of an integration assistent for the placement and technology selection of vertical heterogeneous Systems-in-Package (SiP). Lead-managed by the Technical University of Berlin and in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institut Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik (ITWM) and leading companies of the electronics industry MECADTRON will implement the integration assistent into the development environment of NEXTRA®.

EU Research Project FoFdation - Foundation for the Factory of the Future
FoFdationThe project FoFdation targets towards an architecture and implementation of IT concepts that allow improvements early identification of manufacturing issues, faster time-to-market, reduced manufaturing costs and environmental impact. Read the press release of the project start.

Partner for research and development
MECADTRON continuously deals with the high demands driven by new product technologies within the design of circuitry carriers. In particular the maximum utilization of the space being used at the circuitry disposal gains vital economic importance. With NEXTRA® MECADTRON for the first time offers a system for the integrated electro-mechanical design taking into account the geometric aspects of electronic products. This development know-how makes MECADTRON a vital partner in research and development projects.