Benefits by Innovation
Technological innovations deliver so far unbelievable possibilities for efficient product design.

  • Three-dimensional Printed-Circuit-Board Design
    NEXTRA® allows the detailed, three-dimensional generation of conventional multilayer and flexible printed circuit boards and MID carriers. Within multilayer printed circuit boards the exact three-dimensional shape of all layers which make up the board is incorporated. The shape of the board can also be transferred from other CAD systems.
  • Interactive Component Placement
    NEXTRA® allows to interactively place, rotate and swap components by Drag & Drop. All these operations take into account the exact geometry of the board and also cater for the correct orientation of the components.
  • Routing
    NEXTRA® supports the printed circuit designer with interctive routing features on all areas of the circuit carrier. It easily allows switching between layers of a multilayer board. Furthermore it includes the ability to use any autorouter, especially from our partners.
  • Standard MCAD Features
    NEXTRA® has all the features and standard functionality of a three-dimensional mechanical CAD system e.g. creation of standard solid shapes. Those shapes can be edited by the well-known boolean operationen in any manner. All design steps can be rolled back and forward for any defined number of steps. The presentation of the design can be controlled by numerous parameters.
  • Standard ECAD Features
    NEXTRA® also supports all essential features of a conventional printed circuit board layout systems like import of net lists, layout generation, design rule checks, design analysis and report and last but not least manufacturing data creation.
  • Integration
    NEXTRA® is seamlessly integrated into the process flows of the EDA systeme of our partners. Existing design environments are this way functionally extended.