Technology modules for efficient deployment
NEXTRA® is a modular system. Three modules - PCB, Flex-Board and MID - are oriented towards a particular technology to design elctronic circuitry carriers and therefore use specific parameters.
The modular structure of NEXTRA® leads to many benefits: You can extend your E-CAD workflow functionally by a 3D basis technology immediately and upgrade additional modules on request and progress of your design process.

Modular concept
Technological requirements are allocated to three NEXTRA® modules: PCB, Flex und MID.

  • NEXTRA® module for PCB technology
    The NEXTRA® PCB module allows the three-dimensional PCB-design of planar circuits with any number of layers. NEXTRA® unites mechanical and electrical CAD in one system. That means, the PCB can be designed as a three-dimensional model directly in the mechanical environment.
    So NEXTRA® can be used wherever the design of printed circuits involves complex geometry, e g. by increasing electronical rates or highly miniaturized products.
    The NEXTRA® PCB module can be used as 3D basis module and upgraded by the modules for Flex-Board und MID technologies.

    Mechanics und electronics bridge the gap
    Optimize your EDA workflow by integrated electromechanical design in NEXTRA®.
  • NEXTRA® module for flex technology
    The NEXTRA® flex module makes available a number of specific parameters which are adjusted at the specific technology of flexible circuitry carriers. It allows the design of flex boards in respect to the real assembly situation. That means you can design flex boards bended within the mechanical context, e. g. within a package. A two-dimensional unwinding of the 3D flex board is constantly available which can be used for 2D processes.
    The NEXTRA® flex module is an upgrade module to the 3D-basis-technology module as PCB.

    Get your insight with NEXTRA®:
    Design your flex boards bended - within the mechanical environment.
  • NEXTRA® advanced flex module
    The NEXTRA® advanced flex module enables the design of flex circuitry carriers within a housing taking into account the assembly situation. All design parameters like modification of the bending radius and the bending position as well as significant changing of the carrier outline can be edited freely at any time - without losing information from former proceedings of the design. A two-dimensional unfolding of the 3D flex board outline is constantly available. Furthermore the NEXTRA® advanced flex module enables you to transfer an existing flex design into an advanced flex design. Modifications and further processings can be made in any order.

    Stay flexible
    All flex design parameters can be edited freely at any time.
  • NEXTRA® module for MID technology
    NEXTRA® is a tool for the design of MIDs (Moulded Interconnect Devices) which integrates eletronical and mechanical design in one 3D system. The design process is supported by special features oriented towards the MID technology: the so-called "segment wise unwinding" allows to use the circuitry structure of the three-dimensional circuitry carrier in two dimensions, e. g. for autorouting or output of manufacturing data.

    In cooperation with LPKF Laser & Electronics AG MECADTRON supports a direct interface to the LDS technology in the NEXTRA® MID module. The LDS technology (laser direct structuring) was developed by LPKF especially for MIDs. With NEXTRA® you can directly transfer the circuitry structure of any MID to the laser machine to structure the surfaces of the molded parts. Time-consuming manual creation of the circuitry data which had to be formerly designed in a mechanical CAD system is done with NEXTRA® efficiently in a specific routing environment.

    The NEXTRA® MID module can be used as a 3D basis module and upgrated by the module for PCB technology.

    Moulded Interconnect Devices
    NEXTRA® supports new technologies - from design to manufacturing.
  • NEXTRA® multi board extension
    The NEXTRA®multi board extension enabels to create and edit several circuitry carriers within a single NEXTRA® layout. And these can be composed of different carrier technologies like PCB, Flex Board and/or MID.

    Several carriers - in a single NEXTRA® layout
    Consisting of different technologies.
  • NEXTRA® multi document extension
    The NEXTRA® multi document extension enables to open and edit serveral NEXTRA® layouts at the same time. That way this extension allows to compare different versions of a layout and to check the design steps in detail.

    Comparing made easy
    Open and edit serveral NEXTRA® layouts at the same time.
  • NEXTRA® ECAD integrations
    NEXTRA® is seamlessly integrated into existing design environments and even existing development processes. Your EDA process can easily be extended by comprehensive functions for 3D layouts. We offer a number of integrations into leading ECAD systems as additional modules. NEXTRA® integrates with Cadence (Allegro and OrCAD (PCB Designer)), Mentor Graphics (Expedition, Boardstation (RE/XE) and PADS) and Zuken (CR-5000, CADStar and Visula) via interfaces for netlists, libraries, autorouters and 2D layout system.

    Seamless integration
    NEXTRA®'s 3D functionalities can be used in existing development processes: a number of integrations enables you to extend your EDA workflow easily.
  • NEXTRA®: MCAD Integrations
    NEXTRA® can be integrated into existing development environments and even into running projects. To accomplish that we offer interfaces from and to 3D mechanicak CAD systems. The connection to MCAD systems are realized via standard interfaces like STEP (AP203 and AP214), Acis from Spatial Corp. and DXF even in the base configuration and via bidirectional interfaces from and to Catia V4 and V5 from Dassault Systemes and CAD systems based on Parasolid, IGES, VDA-FS, SolidWorks from SolidWorks, and interfaces from Pro/Engineer from Parametric Technology Corporation and NX from Siemens and Inventor from Autodesk.

    Easy Connectivity
    The bidirectional connectivity to MCAD systems allows smooth import and export of existing geometry information like housing, packaging, geometries from product- or module assemblies and the printed circuit board including any information. This finally makes the full-blown integration into the electromechanical design process really perfect.
  • NEXTRA® 3D symbol editor
    NEXTRA®'s 3D symbol editor is an efficient tool to create detailed 3D package geometries. Supported by a creation wizard and by the input of just e few characterizing parameters (e. g. number of pins, pitch, lead shape, package shape and dimensions) you can create the 3D package geometries of standard electronic components. Further more the 3D symbol editor is able to use existing EDA libraries and existing 2D package geometries to simplify the package creation process.

    From 2 to 3 (D)
    3D standard electronic components? Well done with NEXTRA®'s 3D symbol editor.
  • NEXTRA® Library
    When integrated to an existing ECAD system NEXTRA® is using the library of the host system. Generation of components in a design is accomplished by reading a netlist: from a given package shape and eventually given package heights NEXTRA® creates a block representing the 3D shape of the electronic component. Detailed geometries can be created efficiently with the 3D package editor.
    Within the framework of a stand-alone-installation we offer NEXTRA®'s own library where you can store and manage comprehensive information about technologies, parts and packages. Standard implementations to Access, SQL Server and Oracle are available (further ODBC capable data base management systems on request).

    Library interface
    Protect the investments in your 2D libraries with NEXTRA®.