Optimization by Simplification
The reduction of design steps allows for optimization of the entire product design process.

Optimization of the Design Process
NEXTRA® allows to handle all design elements completely within a three-dimensional design environment. NEXTRA® extends the so far known EDA process by solid and comprehensive features for three-dimensional layout. The entire system is integrated in the existing EDA system of the designer and so renders the the exchange of design data between different types of design systems superfluous.

Just because so far the printed circuit board design and its mechanical integration made at least six steps necessary:

  • In a mechanical CAD system the enclosure for the board is designed.
  • The board contuor data are transferred via an elementary interface to the two-dimensional PCB system.
  • In the PCB system the printed circuit board is created by the addition of the net list and the parts library.
  • The printed circuit layout is transferred via direct interfaces of basic standard interfaces back into the mechanical CAD system.
  • Here the collision detection with mechanical components and the geometric shape of the entire product.
  • For necessary layout changes the the coordinates of the components are again transferred back into the PCB system.